Faith Music Awards

The Bible says that we should render “honour to whom honour is due” (Romans 13:7). If you’ve been blessed by good traditional gospel music, you’ve not only listened to it - you’ve probably thought about it, too – thought about how it blesses your soul.

In that spirit, Faith Music Radio would like to honor the people who share their God-given gifts with the world – NOT just to applaud their talent, but rather to recognize the joy their hard work has brought to YOU, the listener. That’s why we’re asking you to take a seat among our panel of judges in the 2016 Faith Music Awards! We want your help during phase one of our process: the nominating process.

Faith Music Missions has assembled a list from the music produced at our studios last year. This list represents the works qualified for nomination from 2016. All of these can be found in the Faith Music Missions library. Through February 28, you’ll be able to nominate your favorites in the categories below. You can do this by simply previewing the tracks (details below), and e-mailing us. Please state the category of your nominee in the subject line when you contact us.

TOP ALBUM - This category is fairly self-explanatory: you evaluate the album based on its strengths as a complete and self-standing work. In your mind, every track shines!

TOP SONG - In contrast to the category below, this choice must be a gospel “standard” or classic; your selection will be the stand-out standard for 2016 in that category!

TOP ORIGINAL SONG - To qualify, this will be a song that has never before been recorded on any other label.

TOP SOLO SONG - Background vocals will be allowed, but each song in this category will be a stand-alone solo (vocal) piece.

TOP GROUP SONG - Group is defined as any song sung by two or more people.

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Special Dates

  • Listener voting: February 1-28
  • Nominations announced: March 3
  • Nominees featured on FMR: March 6-April 4
  • Winners Announced: April 5

Eligible Albums

Top Album, Group song, Solo and Song will be chosen from this list.

  • Brad Dalton Family-By the Way of the Cross
  • Megan Cooper-All for Him
  • Lois and India Rasquinha-Consecration
  • Sam Geckler-Family Favorites
  • Becca Parks-Reflecting His Glory
  • Bailey's Grove Youth-Unchangeable
  • Dennis Stremming, East Side Baptist Church-Get Out of the Boat
  • The Epleys-God's Word Will Stand
  • Pulpit Echos-We Stand
  • Faithmen Quartet-A Brand New Story
  • Jennifer Holmes-Hope Anyway
  • Faithway Baptist College of Canada-Then Sings My Soul
  • Heritage Baptist Church Of Woodbridge, VA-It's Still the Cross
  • The Farmers-Something That Is Real
  • Golden State Baptist College-God Is Still Good
  • Nate Toulson-The Power of the Cross
  • The Albericos-Fundamental Comfort
  • Steadfast Quartet-Faithful Men
  • Darren Tharp-What a Blessing in Jesus I've Found

Eligible Original Songs

  • Wise Men Still Seek Him/Something That is Real-Jermie Farmer
  • When We Get Home/Something That is Real-Jermie Farmer
  • What Will You Give for Your Soul/Something That is Real-Jermie Farmer
  • What I Have in Jesus I Can't Lose/Something That is Real-Jermie Farmer
  • Something That is Real/Something That is Real-Jermie Farmer
  • Paid Up, Prayed Up/Something That is Real-Jermie Farmer
  • I Believe/Something That is Real-Jermie Farmer
  • Hold On/Something That is Real-Jermie Farmer
  • He Arose/Something That is Real-Jermie Farmer
  • He Ain't Dead/Something That is Real-Jermie Farmer
  • Hope Anyway/Hope Anyway-Jennifer Holmes
  • Go and Tell/A Brand New Story-Jacob Treloar
  • A Brand New Story/A Brand New Story-Jacob Treloar
  • I’ll Testify/A Brand New Story-Jacob Treloar
  • I Am Redeemed/A Brand New Story-Calvin Allen and Jacob Treloar
  • Praise Hymn/A Brand New Story-Jacob Treloar
  • I Can Trust in His Word/A Brand New Story-Jacob Treloar
  • How Could I Not Tell?/A Brand New Story-Calvin Allen
  • We Stand/We Stand-Niki Lott
  • He Will Always Be There for You/Unchangeable-Megan Jarrett
  • Make Your Choice To Rejoice/Get Out of the Boat-Dennis Stremming
  • Get Out of the Boat/Get Out of the Boat-Dennis Stremming
  • God Loves Me! God Loves You!/Get Out of the Boat-Dennis Stremming
  • Who?/Get Out of the Boat-Dennis Stremming
  • Why Doesn't Everybody Want to be Saved?/Get Out of the Boat-Dennis Stremming
  • Thar's Gold in This Here Book/Get Out of the Boat-Dennis Stremming
  • Rock of Ages/Get Out of the Boat-Dennis Stremming
  • It's the Word of God/Get Out of the Boat-Dennis Stremming
  • Search the Word/Get Out of the Boat-Dennis Stremming
  • Put on the Whole Armor of God/Get Out of the Boat-Dennis Stremming
  • Scripture Medley/Get Out of the Boat-Dennis Stremming
  • The God of the Impossible/God's Word Will Stand-Bonita Epley
  • The Old Paths/God's Word Will Stand-Steve Epley
  • Through the Blood of His Cross/God's Word Will Stand-Steve Epley
  • Consecration/Consecration-India Werner
  • My Pleasant Lord (Kannada)/Consecration-Harry Rasquinha
  • Lamentations 3:15-26/Consecration-India Werner
  • Luke Hicks/Why Stand Ye Here Idle
  • Faithful Men

Samples of each of these songs can be heard at Faith Music Missions. Simply type in the artist and song title in the search window.

Congratulations to the 2015 Faith Music Award winners!

  • Top Original Song - Niki Lott: Limiting the Lord
  • Top Group Song - Ed Russ and the Old Fashioned Quartet: Through It All
  • Top Solo - Jennifer Skaw: Were It Not For Grace
  • Top Song - The Tharp Brothers: Did I Mention?
  • Top Album - Cecily Hamilton & Friends: Journey