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Whether you submitted a verse during the contest, or the inspiration came after the fact … Amazing Grace 2.0 , as we affectionately call it, has been started to help you “immortalize your story”: 3 great options for your verse, each a special way to preserve your treasured memory of God’s grace.

For a donation of just $25, you’ll receive a display quality reproduction of the Amazing Grace sheet music, with your very own verse inserted with John Newton’s stanzas! Or, for a $100 donation, you can have a custom recording of Amazing Grace, richly sung by the incomparable Gayle Russ - with your own verse inserted into the song, plus a commemorative copy.

Finally, you also have the option to personally record your own vocal track! Faith Music Radio will book your stay in Evansville, where you’ll “sing your story” at Faith Music Missions studios, professionally recorded by one of our expert engineers…all for only $350…and of course, you’ll get a commemorative copy. Any one of these would make a thrilling keepsake or gift…and you can reserve yours now, by calling 800-600-7230, or email us, at!

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Put your name next to John Newton’s, and marvel at the same miracle of salvation that captured his thoughts 236 years ago. It’ll be a timeless, beautiful record that illustrates a truth: God’s grace is amazing!